About Me, Lauren

Hey! I'm Lauren Scott, wife, mother, and passionate about natural health and adventure. I live fulltime in a 28-foot Airstream camper with my family and we love the freedom and simplicity it brings.


I have been on a natural health journey for about four years now, and becoming a mother to my son definitely strengthened my drive and passion for finding truth in health and healing. I gave birth to my son at home, working exclusively with a midwife, and became fiercely empowered with that experience. My son's birth was a beautiful, transformative experience that I will forever cherish, and I am grateful to my midwives and to myself for taking the time and effort to become educated on what birth can be, and the realities of the medical birthing industry.

I strive to provide nourishing meals to my family every day and to research the heck out of all products I bring into our tiny home, ensuring I am not introducing any harmful chemicals. 

I am a trained health coach and have completed further education in women's natural health. I am particularly passionate about herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Feeling empowered to take control of my own health and my family's is extremely important to me, and what I consider essential to living this lifestyle. I believe that anyone can learn the knowledge and tools they need to take care of their families and help them thrive. And that it doesn't need to be difficult, complicated, confusing or overwhelming.

Now, I bring what I know about healthy living to my traveling lifestyle, in approximately 150 sq. ft. I already have a pretty good foundation for living well and natural, but doing it in a tiny space and while constantly moving around is something new and challenging! But I'm totally up for the challenge ;)


Follow along with me on my journey towards focusing on what matters most -- family, freedom and intentional living -- all while achieving thriving health and wellness. 


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